“It is of no value to have carats of diamonds in our ears, and nothing but empty space between them “
~Monique Stubbs-Hall~

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Monique Stubbs-Hall  is a Native of Nassau, Bahamas and now a resident of Charlotte, NC.

I present Charlotte’s “Greatness Groomer” Monique Stubbs-Hall. Monique is a proud Mother of 4 and Grand Mother of 1. She has a passion for Grooming our youth and is the founder of the Grooming Greatness Foundation. She a Speaker, Author and Poet and is excited to have accepted the position of Director of Sales of the “soon to open” Hampton Inn & Suites Charlotte-Ballantyne. One of her favorite sayings is: No matter what standards the world tries to deliver, being a true lady never goes out of fashion, for when one walks into a room she silences it with her grace, dignity and style-fully clothed and without a word!

As an Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Poet, Monique has an extensive background in sales management in the cosmetic and hospitality industries, and is also an accomplished public speaker with over 25 years experience collectively working for Fortune 500 companies. Her years of experience in both Sales, Hospitality and Customer Service affords her both the skill set and proven techniques for success that she enjoys teaching and coaching, in order to enrich individuals and businesses who are struggling in these arenas.

 In her years in the cosmetics industry she led her sales team to achieve over 8.5 Million Dollars in Sales earning her 7 car prize packages. She was personally responsible for selling over 4 Million Dollars in her hospitality sales role, therefore making her an expert in training others how becoming the catalyst for strong sales, leading sales teams effectively, attracting and maintaining clients through great customer service and implementation of successful networking strategies.

Monique has a strong passion for serving others and works with non-profits such as Goodwill Industries as a professional volunteer instructing their hospitality courses. She has also founded a non-profit which focuses on grooming our youth to greatness. She loves to encourage others to not just achieve external beauty but to cultivate the qualities that build inner beauty.


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