Mara Campolungo is held in high regard in the business community for 25 years as a marketing and branding expert. Having built multimillion-dollar organizations from ground-zero, she has a unique capacity to blend strategy with vision and inspiration to rally the efforts of diverse stakeholders. Deeply motivated by compassion, Mara has laid aside her many profitable endeavors to focus solely on philanthropic efforts. Mara co-founded The Sandbox BELIEVING that by combining of her skills in building brands and companies with her ability to generate innovative ideas she could substantially help people in a very tough situation. As Executive Director of The Sandbox, Mara serves as the connector between children with cancer or life-altering illness and a community of caring individuals and organizations inspired to lock-arms for a great cause. In addition to running The Sandbox, Mara became an officiant as a natural extension of her desire to celebrate the special moments in people’s lives. As an officiant, Mara utilizes her wildly creative nature to create very personalized and deeply touching ceremonies for weddings, baptisms, vow renewals, life celebrations and life events. Mara studied Communications from SUNY and Graphic Arts Marketing from Drexel University. She is an active Board member of several non-profit organizations, advising on marketing and branding efforts, and is the author of numerous business publications. Mara speaks regionally about the importance of ‘locking arms with the community’ and has earned the Toastmasters, “Competent Communicator” designation for her speaking and coaching work with the Matthews Toastmasters Club Meeting Mara, one can hardly help being inspired by her upbeat attitude and motivational nature. With a mutual love for laughter and adventure Mara and her husband, Neil, are working on putting their feet in the sandbox of every beach across the world.

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