Clothing is not always about the fabric…it’s a photograph…create a positive image!” LaShanda

LaShanda Millner-Murphy, owner of Tuxedo Lady and partner of DW Designs Custom Clothier. She  began her fashion career in 1984 as owner of a specialty boutique, producer of fashion runways and personal stylist for executives and First Ladies in the States of North Carolina and Virginia. Discovering her natural talents in the fashion retail world  at age 16 and later building a wealth of knowledge in business at UNC- Charlotte , has positioned her in an entrepreneurial lifestyle for 30+years.   

Her business disciplines include: an intuitive style and the ability to strategically think ahead; goal setting; time management and establishing action plans … Skills that she has mastered in order to help her clients be creative and have versatility in their professional wardrobes that results in their new “style image.”

LaShanda has been sought out by women and men nationally through her personal brand as Fashion Image Coach and Clothier Designer from styling celebrities, entertainers , sports figures, professional models, pageant queens, entrepreneurs and many more.

She thrives on the challenges of helping people discover their lifestyle and expressing their individuality through their outside appearances. She believes that it is one of our greatest powers in life and that everyone should seek to embrace it. 

Through years of experience engaging, inspiring and creating styles for clients, she knows that ” every size, shape and skin tone has a clothing compliment .  When her clients add their personality to that, suddenly they express power and confidence they didn’t even know they had.”


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