My motto in life “Always Do What You’re Afraid To Do” No Regrets!

Christine Roberts Kozachuk, CEO-Co Founder RC Mobile Truck Repair Service and also the Managing Director of eWomenNetwork Greater Charlotte Region. Her company has been servicing the transportation industry locally and internationally for 22 years in Charlotte.  Specializing in over the road logistic corporations, RC Mobile Truck Repair save’s transportation companies time and money through fast and immediate response.

Her role as eWomenNetwork Managing Director is very rewarding. Christine’s purpose is to support, promote and showcase eWomenNetwork members’ products and services and to help them achieve their professional goals through our unique signature style of networking and building relationships with successful businesswomen who know the great benefits of sharing and helping.

Christine’s vision for eWomenNetwork Greater Charlotte Chapter is to create a community of women which are passionate about supporting each other by abundantly giving and collaborating with one another to create the life they deserve.  

Christine’s next adventure will be coming soon as a eWN radio podcast host, her show will be based on Women That Triumph. Christine will interview guests on how they chose to be unstoppable by not letting anything get in the way of achieving what they deserve in life. Every successful woman has faced an obstacle at some point in their lives. An obstacle is just a temporary barrier to getting what you want. These women experienced struggles in life that seemed insurmountable, yet they found the courage and fortitude to go beyond what seemed impossible to creating life on their terms.  During this hour, we will learn from these extraordinary women that triumph what steps they took to overcome that temporary barrier that took them to success.  You will be inspired to create a life you love no matter what you have been up against.

Christine was born and raised in WV, a wife and a proud mother of 3 and a blessed grandmother of 5. 

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