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today, are you looking for a photographer that will leave you breathless?  today, are you ready to select a photographer that will inspire you and not give you the “standard photography session” that leaves you disappointed.  today is the day that you have found an agency that will merge your ideas with our creativity and leave you speechless. One look at the scope and versatility of our work and only one question remains… when do we get to work!  Call us today for a free consultation  and we are confident that we can assist you with your next project.

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Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is very demanding… Having the discipline and creativity to get the very best shots for your client but be invisible at the same time.   click here for gallery



Wedding Photography

Congratulations on your very special day! Now you have a very important decision to make. The photographer that you choose will have a major impact on making your day both memorable and enjoyable.  click here for gallery

Event Photo Galleries

If you have attended an event photographed by CapturedbyKevin please   click here for gallery  for photos…

Video Services

From concerts to events to personal gatherings, CapturedbyKevin has you covered.  click here for gallery  to see the types of events we cover.

Website Design

Call today for a free consultation! Social media integration, e-commerce, music & donations are but a few of the options available.

CapturedbyKevin + CONCEPT + Creativity = YOUR VISION!

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The use of social media has changed our lives. The same can be said for digital photography. CapturedByKevin has created a marriage between social media and digital photography. CapturedByKevin uses live postings to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to transform your event into a social media experience.

CapturedByKevin has applied a new set of tools to combine social media and digital photography. When CapturedByKevin visits an event he creates expert digital photography and then uses social media to deliver the photographs to you immediately.

CapturedbyKevin is providing you a new choice for digital photography in Charlotte for  your events. By combining social media with photography at your event, we help you get immediate impact on the Internet. Our innovative process is leading a new era in digital photography in Charlotte.

How does it work when CapturedByKevin shoots your event? CapturedbyKevin will use his expertise as a digital photographer while applying his love for photography in capturing the emotions and excitement of your event. We then apply our social media platform as no other digital photographer in Charlotte can. We are able to download your photo to you immediately. We are able to send them via Twitter, Facebook , email or Instagram instantly at the event. Additionally, your photos are uploaded to our galleries and you are provided a digital download link to obtain your pictures as well. The client is also provided a link to various platforms on our website. No other digital photographer in Charlotte uses such a complex system that enhances your digital photography experience combined with social media.

As digital photography and social media continue to expand in our everyday lives, CapturedByKevin will continue to  lead this evolution. Call CapturedbyKevin today and experience this new evolution in digital photography and social media.  UA-58730022-1